Financial Wellness with Dave Ramsey

Tell your money where to go and stop wondering where it went. SmartDollar, Dave Ramsey’s all-new financial wellness program, will teach you how to take control of your money once and for all. We believe in this program so much that we are providing it FREE for you and your family!

SmartDollar is a step-by-step approach to handling money with the number-one authority in personal finance, Dave Ramsey. SmartDollar will equip you to get out of debt, on a budget, and on your way to a strong financial foundation. 

You’ll Learn How To ...

• Jump-start Your Money                                                • Do College Debt Free
• Knock Out Debt                                                            • Secure Your Dream Home
• Retire In Style                                                               • Demystify Your Credit Score

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Login Below with your Employee Login credentials. Then click the "Click Here to Enroll" button to access the private American Ambulance sign up page where you can enroll in the SmartDollar Program.

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Who should use SmartDollar?

SmartDollar is for everyone. Whether you have no savings and debt or you’re ready for retirement, SmartDollar’s online tools can help you reach your financial goals.

Is SmartDollar confidential?

Yes! Your employee’s personal information is used only for their SmartDollar account, and it’s never reported to the employer or to SmartDollar at an individual level.

Is SmartDollar secure?

Financial data is stored and transferred with a multilayer security approach that includes firewall barriers, data encryption techniques, authentication procedures and data transmission encryption, among other hardware, software and procedural methods. When you register for the service, Ramsey Solutions requires a password from you for your privacy and security. The technology infrastructure resides in world-class, highly secure data centers utilizing state-of-the-art electronic surveillance and multifactor access control systems.

Is there an app for SmartDollar?

The SmartDollar program is mobile friendly, allowing it to be viewed on phones, tablets, laptops and desktops—there is no separate app for the program.
However, the EveryDollar budgeting tool has a phone app available for both iPhone and Android devices. After creating your EveryDollar account within SmartDollar, visit to download the free app.

Can an employee’s family sign up for SmartDollar?

No. Each employee may only create one (1) SmartDollar account. However, we want you to go through SmartDollar with your family, so sharing your account with your household is encouraged.